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Expansion of family discount for joint custody families.
On travel passes for 1 or 3 months respectively with the same start date, you will be given 20 discount from the second travel pass.If you purchase several annual travel passes with the same start date for the same family, the second child in the family will receive a 20 discount.Consult our General Conditions of Travel for detailed regulations about the family discount on the Buzzy Pazz Tickets for Travel chapter, section on "Non-magnetic travel passes subsection "Discounted Travel Passes" and subsection "Sales Channels.Then you must rise bar coupon code provide us with a a recent family composition attestation (maximum 2 months old).Since joint custody families have the right to a family discount for the Buzzy Pazz.Find great deals and coupons for hundreds of top online brands.You can also take the bank transfer form to a Lijnwinkel.

You do not have to submit a family composition attestation if you buy the travel pass online.That means that you, as the applicant, can buy Buzzy Pazzes with the family discount for all children resident with you (classic application of the family discount) and for your own "natural" children who are not resident with you.Attention: If you want to enjoy the family discount and buy your travel passes online, then you must order all the travel passes at the same time.Want sports fan gift basket it all faster?By family we mean all family members that officially live at the same address.Travel Pass Department from De Lijn: a Buzzy Pazz application form a family composition attestation (children in your family) a birth certificate, proof of adoption or legitimization certificate for your natural children that are not resident with you, together with the correct address of these.Play to level up your Battle Pass, unlocking over 100 rewards worth over 25,000 V-Bucks (typically takes 75 to 150 hours of play).
To apply for Buzzy Pazzes with a family discount in the case of co-parenting, you must submit the following documents by post or by fax to the.