Geography Maps and Games USA, Asia, Africa, Europe and a coles promo codes 2017 fun Latitude and Longitude game!
Succeeding with Science Created by Sellafield Nuclear Power Station, this website contains many different interactive activities and downloadable resources.
There are resources here for both primary and secondary teachers on a number of different topics.
Crafts, food, printables, tech, activities, and more.Here are a few to get the ball rolling.This site, created by a school teacher, houses several interactive math games specifically designed for IWBs.You can peel back anatomical layers, zoom in, click to identify anatomy, or search for muscles, organs, bones and more. Its been a huge hit for a reluctant (yet fluent) reader in Kindergarten.A great resource for gifted children who are ready to dive into Algebra! I have used the printable worksheets from this site for both of my kids from age 2 and.Play Kids Games, online speed typing test, Color matching (for younger gifted ones read music!Chilimath, this is a well organized site that focuses on Pre-Algebra to Advanced Algebra.Kids Ecology Corps Good primer on water pollution, acid rain, global warming, rainforests, and air pollution.This educational site also features teacher resources, educational sites for classroom, and homework help.WatchKnow videos Simple videos to introduce languages at Primary level.Topmarks, with some of the best free educational materials for IWBs, Topmarks is a great resource for finding IWB lesson plans and activities.
Muxicall A collaborative wall of music Click on the notes to play a track, but other people can also be using it at the same time and play music between you!

Little Monkey Tales Short stories suitable for young children Raz Kids Lucys younger sister who is in Kindergarten is in a gifted cluster classroom and the school purchased Raz Kids for reading.You can even embed the videos on your school blog or website to make them easily accessible for students.Promethean Planet Teaching Resources, promethean also invites members of their community to share their lessons and activities for their whiteboards.Related Articles, smart Exchange, this smart Board interactive whiteboard site provides several lesson plans and activities for teachers to use in the classroom.This Famous People history game is a great way to teach elementary children about historical figures.Like this one: Ashcombe School gcse French Videos Some very useful videos here for french teaching from Ashcombe School in Surrey.Science Fair Projects Get ideas for your next science fair project National Geographic for Kids Sustainability and Recycling Websites for Gifted Students Ollies World Kids section focuses on water, waste, energy and reusing and recycling.Archiving Early America Archiving Early America features a range of short videos on American history that are perfect for use on IWBs.IWB teachers can view collections, online exhibits, and games.
These games and activities work well for teachers who want to engage the entire class.

Smart lessons are available for a variety of ages and subjects.