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Like in Sonic Lost World, they are also featured as Equippable Items, which can be picked up by touching them on the screen.
Floating Item Boxes are also featured in the Tropical Coast Zone did the green mile win any awards 2 and 4 in Wii U version, which the player can only reach with the Orange Rocket.
The Item Box from Sonic the Hedgehog #282.Does not protect the character if he/she drowns, gets crushed or falls into a bottomless pit.In some games, if the player hits a floating Item Boxes from below, it will make it drop to the ground where it can be broken easily.Zones, the player can open them with attacks to obtain power-ups.Namco Classic Collection Vol.1.01 Mo, namco Classic Collection Vol.1 (Japan,.00) 333 Ko, namco Classic Collection Vol.1 (Japan,.03) 333 Ko, namco Classic Collection Vol.2.8.In Special Stages with platforming, there are also the Time Bonus which extends the time the player can spend in the Special Stages.Pro Yakyuu Homerun Kyousou 104 Ko New Puck-X 13 Ko New Rally X 14 Ko New Rally X (bootleg?) 13 Ko New Sinbad 7 (set 1) 22 Ko New Sinbad 7 (set 2) 13 Ko New Star's Phoenix (Italian speech) 110 Ko New Super.

In the 16-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the Video Monitors have a similar appearance and the same power-ups as the first game.Simply a black panel with a gold frame in the first game but replaced with simply Sonic's head with a blue aura.Eggman Moves/techniques Double Jump Glide Spin Attack Spin Dash Spin Jump Wall Climbing Zones Green Hill Zone Yellow Desert Zone Red Volcano Zone Blue Marine Zone Silver Castle Zone Special Stage Badniks Aquis Batbot Blue Marine Zone Badnik Buzzer Coconuts Egg Saucer Gohla Masher Octopus.In other media Stay Sonic Item Boxes, referred to as simply PC s, have been given some sort of a back story in Stay Sonic.Jet Board Appears only in Sonic Triple Trouble, allowing Sonic to travel fast downhill at the Robotnik Winter Zone.In games where players are allowed to choose both Sonic and Tails, the latter couldn't destroy Monitors on his own.Breaking it open allows the player to skip to the next checkpoint or the end-of-level Capsule.Chaos Emerald Appears only in Sonic Triple Trouble which transports the player to the Special Stage.Instead they could be collected simply by touching them.A.).08 Mo NFL Football 54 Ko NFL Football (handheld) 181 Ko ngen CP-001 8 Ko Nibbler (Olympia - rev 8) 9 Ko Nibbler (Pioneer Balloon conversion - rev 6) 12 Ko Nibbler (rev 6) 12 Ko Nibbler (rev 7) 9 Ko Nibbler (rev 8).Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Item Boxes make a reappearance in all three episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog.
Contains a random Power up (Rings, Magnetic Shield, Explosion, Air or Speed Down).
Unlike the previous 8-bit game, this version does not feature Arrow or Continue Monitors; though, the game has unused data and sprites for both items.

Death Egg Robot Episode Shadow Enemy Territory Eggman's Facility Virtual Reality Secret Fire Cannon 1 Vanish Panel 1 Bomb Block 1 Plasma Cannon 1 Laser Cannon 1 Reverse Block 1 Extra Flying Pod Bomb Block 2 Laser Cannon 2 Reverse Block 2 Vanish Panel.
These variants are hints to secret codes that can be used in the game.
Nandemo Seal Iinkai.82 Mo, nandemo Seal Iinkai (Astro Boy ver.).68 Mo, nanos 3 Ko, naomi dimm Firmware Update for CF-BOX (4.01) (GDS-0042A).