Assuming the reviewer of this resume is someone looking for an IT consultant in healthcare, youve not only just made his or her job easier, youve done some damage control.
On that note: At the Interview, youve made it past the screening process, and youve got an invitation to the ball game.
There are a few easy-to-follow guidelines for how to address gaps in your employment history:.
You must be prepared to discuss your work gap.Explain It on Your Resume, you cant ignore the gap.Free CV review Still searching for your perfect position?If so, dont relegate this information to a separate Volunteer Work section; instead, roll it right into your experience section so that your gap is diminished or eliminated.If it was for an additional degree or qualification, this should be emphasized as a strength, rather than a weakness to be explained.
In Your Cover Letter, your cover letter is also a wonderful place to proactively manage the I have a gap message, because you can be a bit more personable here than you can be in the resume.

And then bust out the goods on what you can bring to the party.Be honest, professional, and show the hiring manager all your silver linings.Part of the cover letter.You pink boutique voucher code 2015 need to sound like an in-demand job candidate.Be Prepared, one of the key things to remember is that, should your CV prove to be successful, you are likely to be offered an interview.If you were laid off: My former employer underwent a restructuring that resulted in my position being eliminated.
For instance, say your last employer laid you off and youve been unemployed for several months now.
Or a sharper and more driven future employee.