Once you get to work, place the gift into a gift box along with all the other gifts.
Red Cup Shots, these red shot cups resemble the red Solo cups common at keg parties and get togethers.
Prices Vary Fred Muffin Tops Denim-Style Baking Cups Muffin tops are nothing to be ashamed of in fact, they should be celebrated in all their curvaceous glory!
The official version of White Elephant offers plenty of entertainment, but you can spice things up by combining it with other ideas here and elsewhere on this site.CD of awful or weird music 4, find Other Low-Cost Fun Gift Exchange Gifts.This works best with White Elephant, grab bag, or some other type of game.Well definitely drink to that.Prices Vary Bigfoot Welcome Mat This welcome mat is made into the form of a Sasquatch footprint, so you make it look like Bigfoot is welcome, or that theyve already been there.If you set the limit at three, for example, an item can be stolen however many times, so long as it's stolen from someone who hasn't reached his or her limit of three.Gift Theme, whether its White Elephant, Secret Santa, or just name-drawing, you can make things more interesting by requiring gifts to fit a particular theme.Take part in the narwhal trend and adorn your fingers today!15.00 Cards Against Humanity Cards Against Humanity.
The price of the gift is set at a level that everyone can afford, but is often high enough to buy something nicer than the typical token present.

16.95 Mustache Bag Clips fresh florist and gifts shop These mustache bag clips let you get in on the mustache craze where people are putting mustaches on just about anything.Free downloadable poems really complete the gift.Latest posts by Roberta Jeeves ( see all ) You Might Also Like.5.99 Progressive Microwave Smores Maker If youre looking for a gift thats a little smore interesting, this microwave smores maker is a really sweet idea.Watch their face as they rip off the paper, only to see what looks like a bag to put over their head!This is a great gift for anyone that loves tea, and a horrible gift for anyone that doesnt, making it a great white elephant gift candidate.Please note: no gingerbread men were harmed in the making of this description.Modern Tray from Auto Parts This tray looks modern enough, but when you start to take a closer look at the pieces you realize that it was made out of auto parts.This gift will definitely get passed around and cause quite a conversation at the white elephant exchange, and it will be interesting to see who is bold enough to take it home.The recipient will be crying with laughter as he or she blows you a kiss and hearts you.

107.99 Surprise Cat Coffee Mug with Baby Cat Inside Waiter, theres a cat in my soup.