Usually, installing an Openbox session on Linux also pulls down the Obconf package, but this isnt always the case.
I will leave his explaination be and just go over some extra stuff.
Installing Themes Compiling Your Own, the second method of installing Openbox themes like mentioned before is compiling a theme manually.Switching Themes, switching to different themes in Openbox is pretty easy.Menumaker can be installed or run from the source tarball.Install switch2 Code: sudo apt-get install gtk-theme-switch.First, copy the default menu into your home/.config/openbox directory.Run obmenu, code: obmenu.
Log out, and at the login screen select Openbox under sessions.

Obconf, or Openbox Configuration tool along came betty gift set all i want is you is an app that Linux users can install to modify a lot of different settings in the Openbox window manager.In it modify the following to fit your needs.Open obconf (either from the menu or command line) and select Clearlooks-Olive from the list under Appearance.This part is pretty easy too, but for some reason the themes installed with Gnome don't work for me, so you have to extract your own.themes like above.Its a website that has dozens of Openbox WM themes available for download.Adding the following provides an easy way to capture screenshots.In this tutorial, well focus on the Arch Blue theme.Open the file by using.Pypanel can be configured through editing.pypanelrc found in your home directory.Move the theme.themes and extract it, elephant pants discount code free shipping just like above but replace the file name.Installation: To install Openbox, all that is necessary.
Some of my favorites are the following: alt-F10 (A-F10 Maximize window alt-F5 (A-F5 Unmaximize window alt-F12 (A-F12 Roll up window ctrl-alt-left/right: switch to next/previous desktop shift-alt-left/right (S-A-Left/Right switches and sends program to next/previous desktop ctrl-alt-d (C-A-d show desktop (minimize all windows) You may also want.