So the next time you wonder what's motivating these incredible athletes, remember, it's a little more than just bragging rights.
Source(s CBC news, julien L 1 decade ago 2, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment).Athletes from these nations are unlikely to go home empty handed, as they often have individual agreements with sponsors to provide them financial incentives.Despite a disappointing outing which saw the Germans finish in sixth place during the 2014 Sochi Games, the country remains the top all-time winner of medals despite having not even participated in the beginnings of the games, with German athletes absent from the 1924 event.But, you may not realize, the earnings don't stop there.In other countries too, top athletes can receive more than just the bonus from the national Olympic committee.Some might argue that a place on the podium at the highest sporting stage of the Olympics should be reward enough, and the International Olympic Committee, accordingly, does not pay any money to triumphant athletes at its games.Highest medal tallies, the most successful nations in the history of the Winter Olympics are Germany, Russia and Norway.Investment in Olympic sports in the UK immediately rocketed in preparation for the country's first games since 1948, and again the return was both immediate and spectacular - the British team won 19 golds and 47 medals in total in Beijing in 2008.

The latest full Olympic medals table can be seen here.Donovan Bailey (previous 100m record holder and CBC commentator for the event) estimates Hussein will make 10-15 million in endorsement by doing the gym nottingham promo code adds in the coming year.Wrestling, judo, weightlifting and gymnastics, he says, tend to be the best sports for developing nations.This includes 106 bronze medals, 135 silvers, and 136 gold medals.Besides chewing on their medals and accepting those weird statues, top athletes usually earn prize money from their country's Olympic committee.The return was instant.Between them, athletics, cycling, rowing, sailing and swimming accounted for half of all Olympic team funding.
Great Britain, meanwhile, has taken home a total 26 medals leaving it significantly off the pace in comparison with most Northern European nations, such as France, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands, all of whom have broken the 100 medal mark.

Surprisingly, the top pay-out for an Olympic triumph comes from the similarly low-income nation of Kazakhstan.