Lets start with the Hot Chocolate part first.
It can be bt reward card terms and conditions all yours- just download it here and dont forget to spy gadget gifts spread the word and share this link with others!I have the coolest new gadget!Click the image to see details.But it needed a little something to make it feel more heart-felt and less last minute!I made a bunch of spoons dipped in chocolate with candy cane pieces and m ms sprinkled on them and wrapped them.This small percentage just helps us keep the power on and the Diet Coke stocked.During our time working with Mormon Helping Hands, we worked on taking out the walls and insulation leaving the homes with less mold but more vulnerable to the cold.

Most homes were flooded up to 4 feet of water, and as a result, there was now mold growing everywhere, nestled into every nook and cranny.Its yummy, cheap, and well-received.How about adding a few yummy.You can find more of her on instagram @theplayfulnest).Volunteering to clean out homes, she was stunned at the devastation and destruction of many homes and neighborhoods who are still without power!Umdid you know that you could mini marshmallows by the canister?Its been almost an entire month!Now lets give Nat Holly from.Many still dont have hot water either!(Bianca Merkley when we first drove into these devastated neighborhoods and communities, I wanted to burst into tears.