holiday gifts for cat lovers

It is a petite, beautifully designed, hard-cover book, but also reasonably priced (9 plus shipping on Amazon).
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Proceeds benefit Dont Forget to Feed Me, a non-profit pet food bank.Tags: cat lover gifts, cat people, cats, gifts, holiday gifts Jen Wallace Jen Wallace shares her indie life by writing about making, creating, cooking, learning, playing, decorating, and pretty much anything else that strikes her fancy from indie biz tips to the modern history.NOse Offense Odor Eliminator Say NO to all pet odors with NOse Offense For pets!Code will expire December 31, 2014.Plus they feature the colorful cat items from Laurel Burch, including handbags, scarves, tablet covers, night nation run coupon code mugs and more.The water in a Glacier after surgery gift baskets Point Fountain is toxin free as the made-in-the USA ceramic basins are high fired and non-porous, thereby preventing the buildup of dangerous biofilm.
Inspired by the Googie style of architecture (think 1950s coffee shops with their curvy signs and boomerang patterns on the countertops the Googie Cat Bed celebrates the spirited optimism of postwar America.
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Grass Kit, not only does eating grass make cats happy, it may make for fewer problems associated with hairballs and fewer trips to the vetand maybe less cat vomit, but probably not.You can see photos of satisfied cat-stomers at Cat Cribs Pinterest page.Use code ccholiday at check out.The Honest Kitchen Winter Warmers Broths are made from a mix of human grade, dehydrated ingredients and designed to be blended with hot water before serving.Alpaca provides ultimate luxury and comfort year round; lightweight fibers that are five times warmer than wool; and, air pockets that possess cooling properties in the summer.This happy blue eyed cat is enjoying the winter wonderland weather, riding a candy cane striped sled.
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Handmade in the USA from non-toxic, 100 recycled glass.