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I'm not saying you should make her creative gift ideas for mom and dad your bestie and steal her from your.
Hang out with the two of them and show an interest in their friendship.If you do this, you'll start stressing before you even know any other information.Its important to keep track of whether he ends his text messages with kram, which means hug, or puss, meaning kiss. .All kinds of people, too waiters, policemen, the guards at the Vatican Museums, shop keepers.Girls, dont read anything into it if the guy doesnt pay, youre expected to split the bill in the name of equality.If not, get out of the relationship.Source: ShutterStock, no Ultimatums Unless Absolutely Necessary, never give your boyfriend an ultimatum like "it's her or me" unless you want a big fight.Trust is a big part of this situation.Your first instinct may be to avoid this girl, and the entire friendship, as much as possible.But if you do trust him, you'll be able to accept it more.Get to know the situation before you decide it's a bad one.If you make him choose, there's a chance he might choose her out of principle, and then you'll lose him.

Instead of trying to act tough, get to know her.A fika is by definition not a date. .I should note that while this fika obviously is a date of sorts, you never call it that.Das gängigste Material für best friend birthday gift ist metall.It will make things a whole lot easier.Dealing with a boyfriend who has a female best friend.When I lived in Italy, I often got approached by different men who wanted to ask me out.Of course, this gives a generalized picture, and Ive heard of people meeting each other in other ways (Hannes and I have a different story, Ill tell you some other time).So, you need to make a decision: can you trust this guy to be around her alone without doing anything?

Here are 8 tips on how to deal if your boyfriends best friend is a girl.
Without being confrontational or angry, tell him that you're a little nervous about him spending alone time with another woman.