Log in to the game daily.
Rewards can be claimed up to 2 times a day.I actually this is far better since I dont need to worry with my battery and I can ensure that my auto will work overnight or on time that Im not able to check.Grade 2's default level is 10, grade 3 is lv20, grade 4 is lv40, grade 5 is lv60.Actually the combat system is cool but after hours of playing the game, you will find it tiresome as you need to direct your character position and use abilities through tapping.Also you can get a free 3 star guardian with first purchase for gem draw and free soul stone with first purchase with gold coin draw.Check if there are any additional promotions.This will also encourage users to keep on playing actively and reach as high level as possible in returns of diamonds.In this reward system, the longer the streak, the more rewards you can get until you complete all 31 days of playing.If you are looking forward to earn 2-4 Star Guardian easily, you must consider lucky draw.Press Rewards List button to see weekly Rewards for the league.(Hero Upgrade When enough Soul Stones are collected for already summoned wallypark discount coupon san diego Hero Hero can be upgraded with Gold.Maximum Skill Points recovery is 30 points.Accessory upgrade requires same or higher level materials.
Press League button to see details of upper and lower league.
Other than that, Guardian has got a selection of products exclusive to them which means you wont find them anywhere else.

(Accessory there are different types of accessories to each part Accessories can be enchanted by absorbing other accessories.When you have a baby, logistics can be an issue.Team Guardian Tip #3: Heroes Status Attributes and Skills Information.Prev 1of3, next, personalized Creations is not only the source of gifts and presents, it can also serve you as a decoration shop.Just make sure to be in game daily and claim your free rewards.Use Guardians delivery service to solve this problem and focus on spending the precious time with your bundle of joy.Critical Rate Rate to have Critical Attack, Critical Damage Applied Damage on Critical Attack.(Status Attributes continue Attack Increasing damage rate for combo attack.No requirement to you need to take a chilly sigh along with get over it if you understand the brand handbags anyone expensive while shopping on-line offers a totally new arena of savings and so only have them these days!
Aside from 7-day log in that is limited once, there is a daily log in check where you can get lots of rewards as you play the game daily.