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Her next goal includes finishing a second degree in human development.
You get used to it, she says with a shrug and a laugh.
This originally meant a seaside course.
Double bogey A score of two over par for one hole.Ball washer Come on, this one is network rail childcare vouchers self explanatory.Front side The first nine holes is usually referred to as the front side.A lot of really smart guys (some call them scientists) got together and figured out how many dimples would help the ball fly straight and true.Loft This is an apartment in England OR it is the angle of the clubface from vertical.It is either one of four things that Rover walks on or it is a hole that goes straight for a while then has a bend (or dogleg) to the left or right.An overlapping grip) gross The total number of strokes a player takes on his round. This is Waggles favorite hole!Iron A club with a metal head which is not a wood!Slope ratings range from 55 to 155 and 113 is considered average.It can also be the term used for the actual process of swinging the club through the ball.Sandy A player makes a sandy when he hits a shot out of the sand and sinks the following putt.Often called the flat stick putting green The surface area around the hole that is specially prepared for putting.Sandbagger This is a golfer who purposely tells others that he is a worse golfer than he really is in order to gain an edge in competition.Usually the higher the course rating the harder.Deuce Hmmm, now lets see, if an ace is a hole in one, then a deuce must be a hole in two!
This is usually done to allow another player who is farther away to putt without hitting any other balls.
Each hole is worth one point no matter how many strokes one player beats another.

Sudden death This is a method of breaking a tied match by playing extra holes.CUP The thing in the hole that holds the flagstick.Putt A shot that rolls on the green hit with the putter.OUT-OF-bounds The area outside of the golf course limits in which play is prohibited.Whiff Swinging and missing the ball.Nineteenth hole Another term for the clubhouse or in particular the bar at the clubhouse.To make the turn means you have finished the 1st nine holes and are turning to the 2nd nine.There is no penalty for a player to move his ball out of casual water.How much does a free drop cost?No, it means you scored 3 under par on a single hole!
Aguilar aims to show parents and girls what helpful services the school can provide.
LIP The top rim of the cup or what you have two of on your face.