We were also gob-smacked at the amount of money we had spent (7 kids x 2 parties x 20ish gifts, plus wrapping and sailor bags promo code card) only to find out that the birthday kids either already had the gifts, were given multiple copies of the gifts.
As a busy mom of three, I find myself shopping online more than in stores, especially for gifts.
Once you decide on a gift card, click on create gift.
I'd like to email it as a gift to someone.One person has to buy the gift card and when its received it will appear in the news feed so people will have the opportunity to add value to that card.We met for coffee one day after a weekend of ferrying kids to and from birthday parties.Some of the cards have a minimum of 5, other for more, such as 10.To find out more, visit m, to find out how to raise compassionate kids, read our article here.Value:, delivery: Save it to my account.In the past few years Ive been leaning more and more towards gift cards it just seems to make people happy when they get to choose what to get themselves.
I received credit to use eGifter.

Quantity:, to: Send Gift, immediately after purchaseOn a future date (choose below) Future gifts are sent at 5AM ET on the date selected.You will have the option to select one of your contacts which get imported once you log onto eGifter through your network.Two mums have come up with an online gifting tool that takes the hassle out of collecting contributions for a group present.It also makes buying a gift card as part of a large group a cinch.The recipient has to create an account and then click on my wallet to claim their card and print the card or send to their smartphone.As well as contributing to the group gift fund, friends can also add a photo and message to the group card, making a great personal memento for the recipient.Next you select a gift card.
Note: some of the gift cards are only for in-store use and some are only for online use, so be sure you read the description.