giant reward points

Raiders vs Scavenger repeatable B Raiders attacking a scavenger with a robot buddy.
A Corvega factory Go east to the smith & wesson mail in rebate car advertisement board and continue east.
B Northwest Seneca station Head west by southwest, until you find a lot of car wrecks near the water.Green dots denote Outcast Patrol spawn points (these locations though not random, duplicate the characters from the Outcast Patrol random encounter with unique characters).Engaging any of them in conversation will result in them telling you they were headed for Underworld but couldn't make it because of super mutants back yard crashers sweepstakes (this contradicts Willow 's statement that super mutants don't attack ghouls unless they don't know that the mutants will leave.Then you can go back for the event, as it is around the rocks looking like a cavern / vault entrance (without the door) east from you, north from the broken parts of the fence.B Broadcast tower KT8 Descend the canyon N of it, try heading northeast.Make your way up the cliffs and go West to the middle of the border of coordinates X:5, Y:17 and X:6, Y:17.Cashback no Annual Fee Free Read more Apply now BSN Visa Platinum Get a little more of everything with the BSN Visa Platinum - global privileges, premium insurance protection and best of all, its totally free.A Vault 101 On the top of the hill westwards near the highway, there is a farmhouse with the event.A Broadcast tower LP8 Even more northwest, west of the train wreck.Deep Wilderness Dungeon The Deep Wilderness Dungeon, slightly southeast of the Wilderness agility course, contains 6 fire giants at the very end of the dungeon.From there, take the road to the North.Watch Your Back unique A The Power of the Atom (after completion disarming the bomb Mister Burke sends hitmen after you.If not attacking you, they can be tipped like most brahmin.A Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal Any approach will.The resource dungeon is more spacious than the outer Waterfall Dungeon.

A Temple of the Union Going to the entrance will trigger an event inside, in front of Hannibal's door.A Jocko's Pop Gas stop Head east in the direction of the large advertisement board on top of hill then E-SE.The "map" he gives you is listed in the "Notes" of your Pip-Boy with the description: "mirelurk king's treasure chamber!" Dying of Thirst unique A Ben Canning.Additionally, due to terrain features, the AI pathing between spawning points (which are also way-points) can create a broad and sometime elaborate patrol route.Hunting Party repeatable A B 1-3 hunters attacking a giant worker ant, giant soldier ant, mole rat, vicious dog or yao guai.These characters are the same as those that spawn at predetermined Outcast spawn points.