Get a silent "thumbs up" or other sign from teacher indicating praise and approval.
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Anything with teacher written on it : mug, notepad, pen, etc.; these appear in the teachers lounge regularly as goodies from the union, local business donations, and.
This reward should only be used for students who have clearly shown they understand the topic.Extra Credit, no matter what grade you teach, your students will appreciate a few extra knotts berry farm hotel promo code 2018 credit points added to a test or homework score.Best of all, most of these ideas are free!Post writings in a public place.Of course, students of all ages love candy, so some individually-wrapped pieces are nice to keep on hand.

I warned you, theres some strange stuff.Have lunch in the classroom with the teacher.My mom collects these for me, mostly: shes the ingenious creative type who has an eye for this stuff.Extended Recess, extended Recess.Free/Late Homework Pass, free/Late Homework Pass, students are very appreciative when they are forgiven a missing homework assignment.Just completed a tough unit on DNA?Receive a coupon to be redeemed at a later time for a preferred activity.Anyone whos read my book or spent time on my website knows I am NOT a fan of tangible rewards.This reward would most likely work best with literature classes, where lessons are based largely on discussion.Little readers (small 15 page books) from the reading series we used in the 90s, bundled into groups of like books so kids can give copies to their friends and read together.Children love recess, and there's a good reasonit allows them to socialize with classmates without the stress of the classroom setting.
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Work at the school store, praise/Recognition, be awarded a trophy, medal, or other honor for good behavior/caring attitude.