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You will then be taken to the Free Food page, which will display your unique referral code, and outline the terms and conditions of the program.
This program has worked so well that its often cited as the reason Uber and Lyft got so big, so quickly.You can easily order more than one meal if your part of a love to shop gift card post office group, and the fare split feature lets everyone pay just for their own meal!If you are looking for a particular restaurant chain, you can use the navigation bar on the side of this page.In todays guide, were going to walk you through how the app works, and then provide a money-saving Uber Eats promo code so you can get your first order on the cheap!Otherwise, the sky is the limit!

You can set a reminder for yourself for meals on a future menu, so youll never miss out on a great meal at a great price.It is often necessary to enter these codes just before you check out.But if thats you, you wouldnt be here right now.You can do all sorts of promotions to get the word out.Usually, this is around 6-7 for the first mile, then an additional 2-4 every mile after that.For years, both Uber and Lyft have rewarded existing users for referring their friends by offering extensive amounts of free ride credit in exchange for the referral.Sharing this code with friends, similar to how weve provided ours above, will earn hungry users free credit good towards their favorite restaurants.