It is truly perfume magic.
Everything nice and spice and a whole lot.
Fragrance Review For Pleasures By Estee Lauder.
Estee Lauder, one of the great USA perfumers and one of the only US noses on the same level with France's great perfumers, conceived Youth Dew in 1953.I was very happy to report that Pleasures is a gorgeous and long lasting floral fragrance.Everybody knows 'Youth Dew'.'Youth Dew' is a real balmy 'Spicebomb a real one, 57 year later copied shamelessly by those Dutch money grabbers flying fisherman sunglasses coupon code Victor and Rolf with their 'Spicebomb' as expensive and original as their 'Flowerbomb'.It is simple to be a 'nose' these days.Privacy Cookie Policy, keep on shopping, back to Top.They keep the fragrance notes of middle and top on the skin, they make interactions between middle and top notes and between that middle-top and base possible.I don't make no judgment.Jardin Max Factor and even Estee Lauder's own floral masterpiece Beautiful.Let's look at the notes.And, on last level of this fragarnce evolution: your skin chemistry also gives its two cents and creates another set of olfactory suprises.I was praying that this fragrance would not turn into flower shampoo or something cheap like I experienced with Wings by Giorgio Beverly Hills.'Youth Dew' is opulent, grand, groundbreaking.Each flower in this fragrance has it's own spotlight.
An ace of a base: really, really great and strong.
The one flower that does take over the scent as the dominant is the lily of the valley.

I hope my review has been helpful and you go out to buy this perfume.Those guys have great creative talents.If it wasn't for some of the notes, it could almost pass for vintage Apres L'ondee by Guerlain.With 'Youth Dew' it is the fragrance that comes first, not the marketing and a celebrity name.Lily of the valley has long been considered a spring herald, the presence of lily of the valley in the forests always meant that winter was coming to an end."Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion.".And 'Youth Dew' is one of the greatest fragrances ever made.I'm certain it owes to the base notes.Well mister, I go some news for you: me and a lot of other people, young and old, female and male, Americans, Europeans, Italians and Asians like this icon of modern perfumery.
So this fragrances is not for lovers of simple, sweet, linear frags that don't stay long on the skin.

SO IF YOU like your fragrances simple AND linear AND short lived, stay away from 'youth DEW'.
This is so great, versatile, flexible, dens-in-a-good-way yet playful.