Eligible for only one audit every five years limit 50 members If requests exceed 50, members will be placed on a waiting list and awarded incentives if money becomes available Credit cannot exceed 50 of the actual cost of the audit or 150 Home Audit.
Ahri Certificate must be provided, lighting, lED Exit Signs - 5/fixture.We will strive to keep dsire free and open for as long as we can, but we ask for your financial support to.Building a "Margin of Safety" Into Renewable Energy Procurements: A Review of Experience with Contract Failure, publication # CEC, adopted did kevin owens win January 2006.The Energy Efficiency Conservation Incentive form covers the rebates for the following areas, click on item for rebate form: Keep in mind the following: Recent Change: The deadline for submitting necessary paperwork has changed from six months after purchase or installation to three months after purchase.1HP Ag Fan exhaust - 1 reward mobile ico per inch diameter (36 fans must be rated 18 CFM/watt; fans over 36 must be at or above 21 cfm/watt) Ag Fan-circulation - 1 per inch diameter (Fans under 36 must be rated 18 ft-lb/kW - 36 fans must.Overall incentive rules All incentives are available on products purchased and worked performed from 1/1/18 until 12/31/18 Dunn Energy reserves the right to terminate all or part of this program at any time Each incentive has a budget, when that budget has been met the.Solar or Heat Pump Water Heaters 300 rebate, must be new install or replacing an existing electric water heater Must have an Energy Factor.0 and be integrated.Credit on bill for load control.(PDF file, 30 pages, 436 kb).Below you will find a detailed list of the Energy Sense rebates and incentives offered by Dunn Energy Cooperative.MS gifts from bump to grandparents Excel file (Updated January 25, 2017 pDF File (Updated January 25, 2017).Ground Source Heat Pump Incentive, paid to member at 400/ton of the system.Dunn will credit member up to 500 for completion of efficiency updates/improvements Not to exceed 20 of total project cost (i.e.The North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center has always striven to keep dsire a free and open resource, providing valuable information on thousands of policies and incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency.Need a copy of the receipt and serial number of the unit.
Summary of California Energy Commission Renewables Portfolio Standards (RPS) Contractor Reports and the Status of RPS Contracting and Regulations, publication # CEC, adopted June 23, 2006.

CEC-RPS-Gen - Form for generation not tracked in wregis or facilities using multiple energy resources.Checks will be issued for amounts larger than 500 Rebates cannot exceed 20 of the purchase price of item being rebated All forms and receipts must be turned in within 6 months of purchase date or by December 31 to qualify for rebates.LED hardwired Energy Star fixture (indoor and outdoor)- 1 per 800 lumens (capped at 20 of cost).Rebate application form and copy of your receipt must be submitted three months after purchase or installation. .(PDF file, 70 pages, 856 kb).Publicly Owned Electric Utilities and the California Renewable Portfolio Standard: A Summary of Data Collection Activities, publication # CEC, adopted November 4, 2005.
(PDF file, 27 pages, 103 kb).
Renewables Portfolio Standard 2005 Procurement Verification - Commission Final Report, publication # CEC CMF, adopted August 1, 2007.

A Summary and Comparison of the Time of Delivery Factors Developed by the California Investor-Owned Utilities for Use in Renewable Portfolio Standard Solicitations, publication # CEC, adopted August 2006.