Read more about Etsy s Seller Protection Program here.
Creating and Uploading Content As a member of Etsy, you have the opportunity to create and upload a variety of content, like listings, Convos, text, photos, and videos.
Honor the commitments you make in your shop policies.If you are raising money on behalf of a charity, you must obtain that charitys consent.On the rare occasion you receive an unfavorable review, you can reach out to the buyer or, if the review is less than 3 stars, leave a response.If an estimated delivery date is not available, the review window opens after the orders processing time and shipping time have elapsed.If you are listing items in the Craft Supplies category on, those items will also appear on Etsy Studio.Physical or tangible items that are not available for return because they have been destroyed or discarded by the buyer.Privacy and Protecting Personal Information You are responsible for protecting members personal information you receive or process and complying with all relevant legal requirements.If you have listed your craft supplies as handmade, vintage, organic, or recycled, a corresponding icon will appear on your listing.(Refunding shipping is optional, unless the buyer paid with Etsy Payments, in which case you will need to refund in full.) Etsy s Case System We ask buyers to contact a seller directly and attempt to resolve any outstanding issues before opening a case.Not coordinate pricing with other sellers.This includes applicable data protection and privacy laws that govern the ways in which you can use Etsy user information.Envelopes normally ship on the next business day.You are using your own photographs - not stock photos, artistic renderings, gift of oil or photos used by other sellers or sites.Honor your Shop Policies.Click here to learn more about what may be sold as a craft supply.
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If Etsy determines that an item is not as described, you will be required to refund the original shipping and return shipping, in addition to the cost of the item.If you are selling custom items in the Handmade category, you agree that: All custom item listings are available for purchase.Not as Described An item is not as described if it is materially different from your listing description or your photos.The item(s) are rendered useless after that date.Reselling is not allowed on Etsy.Please be aware that legal requirements for shipping times vary by country.And anything else you might need!Privacy and Communicating with Other.
Ineligible Transactions Some disputes dont qualify for Etsy s case system.
(The seller may flag a buyer for a payment not received, chargeback, or canceled payment.) Both you and the buyer agree to cancel the transaction prior to shipment, and you have issued the buyer a full refund.

Accurately represent your items in listings and listing photos.
Keep in mind that members may flag listings that appear to violate our policies for Etsy 's review.