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Often in valentine's day dinner vouchers Robot Wars : After reaching three consecutive grand finals (being the only robot ever to do so Hypnodisc fared dismally, knocked out in a Series 6 semi-final and defeating only fragile opponents in Extreme.
Thanks also in due part by the Reverse/Rebirth mode of Chain of Memories, in which he is pressured by an enigmatic and morally ambiguous Stealth Mentor into accepting the darkness in his heart which makes him more powerful but much less determined and proactive.You'd be hard-pressed to find a more prolonged, wasteful and easily-avoidable case than Bray Wyatt.While Hell in a Cell used to be a truly special match used maybe once or twice a year to cap off a really big feud, it's since become just another gimmick match with no real specialness.In their first cute bday gifts appearance, they were portrayed as powerful fighters who easily took down the warriors who wandered into their territory, only beaten by the mountain lion, Sharptooth.He fights Gaara who blocks all of his Amaterasu strikes without even moving while simultaneously protecting his siblings and Darui.Despite holding their own in several earlier fights with the karate killers, Solo and Kuryakin lose whatever fighting skills they've demonstrated, and are straightway handed their asses by the thrush "killers".What about the Genie Mini?Then his stint as Desmond Wolfe in TNA - after a very promising start in which he brutalized Angle - led to one humiliation after the other.
Thankfully, Punk would turn things around for himself and the belt, going on to have the longest reign of the modern era after decisively knocking Alberto Del Rio and all other distractions away.
In episode 6, the new human-hunting, intelligent baddie, the Future Predator, ends up following our heroes through a Time Portal and into the Permian.

Then Gen V gave Mewtwo a Secret Art that destroys Special Attack walls, and Gen VI gave it two Mega Evolutions with the highest base stats of any Pokémon (rivalled only by Mega Rayquaza).Lampshaded in Jubei-chan season 2, with Shiro pointing out that in the first season that he could hold his own again jiyu's enemies to some new ones, who promptly mop the floor with him Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force does this rather early.Honestly, the only piece of directv equipment we had any trouble with was the satellite dish.In kami, the legendary hero Nagi slays the last head of the multi-headed dragon demon Orochi by himself, with the player character, the goddess Amaterasu, destroying the rest of the heads.By Season 2 he is unquestionably an anti-hero but he has become even more of a badass than before, if that is even possible, such as when he tortured and then killed Mason Lockwood.If any other monsters step up, though, he'll gladly stomp their face into a few mountains.Ultimately before he dies he sees Blade as a worthy descendant and helps him escape capture.As did unit itself.In-universe with the people from the Iron Islands.Jack Atlas, who started out the series as the serious Rival but deteriorated to the point in which he contributed little more to the series than to provide Plucky Comic Relief with his incessant bickering with Crow and with his suddenly acquired love for cup.The Undine later roared back in full force.
Then again, the first episode showed that he believed in his methods, just that he realized the wrong people were benefiting from them.

To make matters even worse he changed his stance on not killing criminals which was the one thing that dissociated him from Batman.
Nowhere near the title holder for HP or damage output now.