It is tantamount to trump promo code handing them a second copy of the credit card.
Only one firm, Discount Power, had a copy of those codes.
They offer discounts for direct debit or direct charge to a credit card, but fail to take the necessary data to enable that during the signup process.Will my account still be unable to transfer to another Retail Electric Provider?Discount Power had some attractive rates when I signed up a year or so ago, but when that contract expired their idea of a customer loyalty program involved raising the rates, at a time when others were offering more attractive rates than the one which.When that does not happen, not only does the direct debit discount disappear, but they fail to grant the electronic communications discount as well, and no amount of contact can get an adequate explanation or a refund for the overcharge.The amount on the deferred payment plan will NOT transfer to Pennywise Power.In fact, some months after I provided this data to them, there were several fraudulent charges to my credit card, and presumably the individual had the CCV code from the back of the credit card national teachers day freebies for them to have been authenticated.

Fraud Problems With Discount Power, discount Power's signup process has a fairly significant fatal flaw.After your account is transferred from Discount Power, you will receive your last bill from Discount Power, and your entire balance, including the amount that was included in the deferred payment plan, will be due in full at that time.With an image of both the front and back of the card, the potential for fraud is huge.The customer has no idea what is done with the data, how it is maintained, and most importantly, how it is disposed of when they are done with.Will my account continue on the deferred payment plan I accepted with Discount Power?Discount Power still owes me money, but as the PUC doesn't care, and the State Attorney General doesn't care, there is literally nothing I can do about.Discount Power also fails to disclose whether the monthly meter reading is "actual" or "estimated" and during my transition away from them, I was shocked to receive two bills, the second one a credit for an overbilling the last month, based upon what is now.This is insane and of great concern from a fraud standpoint.Camouflaged in that same e-mail is the warning that the consumer must contact Discount Power and provide bank or credit card info.As the on-line sign-up process is a secure connection, the moment the consumer selects the credit card option, the signup process should include collection of the necessary credit card data (more on this in a minute).