We do not have the date of that purchase.
(See "Mercury" in outboard drop-down box on home page of this Website for additional history).(6) "msrp "list or "sticker" means the final manufacturer's suggested retail price as stated on the federally mandated window sticker (aka Monroney).Advertising Rebate or Interest Rate Reduction Programs Without Disclosing Dealer Contribution (27) Advertise, represent or offer a rebate, interest reduction program or similar program or procedure in which the dealer financially contributes without the following clear and conspicuous disclosure: "dealer contribution may affect consumer cost.About Us, welcome to DFW Auto Mall.They also continued to pre-rigged boat and motor packages with most of their boat brands.Some of the models used.
(9) "Factory can u put money on a visa gift card official vehicle" means a motor vehicle of the current or previous model year which has been operated by a representative or automotive related subsidiary of the manufacturer/distributor of the vehicle.

Here's your chance to check out some of the largest and best RV Shows on the West Coast!Advertising a Price Range for a Trade In Vehicle (24) Advertise the price to be paid for tradein vehicles as a range of prices,.g., "up to two moonlight gift shoppe thousand dollars" or "as much as two thousand dollars Unauthorized Post-sale Dealer Add-ons (25) Add or substitute.Discount Admission coupons, sign up for our email newsletters or follow us on, twitter and.They were officials of AB Archimedes of Stockholm Sweden.Brunswick continued to buy and sell boat manufacturers in the coming years.Prohibitions (B) It shall be a deceptive and unfair act or practice for a dealer, manufacturer, advertising association, or advertising group, in connection with the advertisement or sale of a motor vehicle, to: Advertise an Interest Rate Without Qualification (1) Advertise an interest rate where.This plant manufactured many engine makes ending with the Force Brand.(12) "Negative equity adjustment" means an equal amount which is added to both the purchase price of a vehicle and the tradein allowance for the tradein vehicle in a transaction.Marine) continued to promote and sell a pre-rigged boat and motor package, something that.NV Marin was first manufactured in 1954 by Nymans Verkstader, a manufacturer of bicycles in city north of Stockholm, Sweden.Its been hard to get specific model year information for these makes.

(10) "Rental vehicle" means a motor vehicle which has been operated for hire by an entity which is engaged in the business of renting vehicles, and includes daily rentals of dealers.
All remaining required disclosures may be set forth in a footnote to such advertisement, which must be in close proximity to the advertised vehicle in any printed or television advertisement.
Archimedes companys were sold to Nymans Verkstader the manufacturer.