P_priceprecision: Based on document's currency, the precision to be used when rounding prices.
P_line_id: ID of the line (Order line or Invoice line) the promotion is being applied.After the discount is created, you will assign it to an event using.More like this., The newest American Premium Tank.Discounts and Promotions Types window.Mehaz products are guaranteed against manufacturer's defects for jr discount castlewellan life, a claim you won't find with other companies!Calculate the discount At this point we know the Discount must be applied to this line.
This code resets prices by removing all possible Discounts and Promotions previously applied and looks for Discount and Promotions candidates to be applied to each line of the document.

Mehaz, quality you can trust.It's an entire universe of action, thrills and excitement for all ages.More like this., Visit m for cheap group discount ticket sales.More like this., Welcome to Discount Group Discount Implements is a family business that was established in the mid 1980s.Alter table M_Offer ADD column em_obdisc_X numeric; alter table M_Offer ADD column em_obdisc_Y numeric; Note in this case our module's DBPrefix is obdisc.Mom POV features some very talented cameramen who mange to shoot excellent porn videos while performing.For example, if the rule can be applied to product A (which price is 10 X is 4, and Y.Introduction, a discount and promotion type is an implementation of a rule for.Return whether other discounts can be applied to this same line return v_apply_next; END ; body language plpgsql volatile Code explanation The following sections explain this code.
In our case values for X and Y, and whether other Promotions and Discounts can be chained to this same line after applying this one.