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These factors make for easy purchasing for home gunsmiths and hobbyists for personal use.
Our expert staff is always happy to work with customers individually to make sure they end up with a firearm they're satisfied with.This is on the ATFs website under their FAQ page.Elite Aluminum Products does not collect personal information from a visitor to our site unless the visitor intentionally provides it or otherwise provides express consent.Always have a competent gunsmith assemble your barrel kit, barrel or rifle kit and headspace your barrel before first use. .Using a rifle assembled incorrectly or assembled using incorrect or modified parts can result in a damaged rifle, personal injury, death, or damage to property.We never sell any information to third parties.Consider Thunder Guns your full-service support staff, here to help guide you toward the perfect firearm solution.

Delivery (Shipping Times) YES WE ARE still shipping TO california, ALL items ON website except 20 AND 30 round magazines. .14 hours ago, by Dealer 22Mods4All, report a problem 8060 14 hours ago, by Dealer 22Mods4All, report a problem 338 2 days ago, by Dealer 22Mods4All, report a problem 3076 2 days ago, by Dealer 22Mods4All, report a problem 4521 3 days ago, by Dealer.Best In Top-Quality, the Most Trusted In Parts And Accessories.We may also request your email address or mailing address for the purposes of conducting a survey or to provide additional services.From the first time you reach out to us to any questions you have after the purchase of your machinery and accessories, we're glad to provide you with our expert knowledge and support.Our shipping is done between these times.Privacy Policy Elite Aluminum Products is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information of our customers, employees, contractors, and other stakeholders.An 80 lower receiver is a piece of material (Aluminum) which has been partially completed to a certain point.
Chances are, if you're looking for it, we've got.
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