If this cheese dad cap speaks to her, you know what you have to do: buy you both o charley's gift card matching ones, and spend a mole hole gift shop myrtle beach night drinking wine and pigging out on cheese together for the holidays, duh!
Heres a larger version of the mat.Or, at least give your BFF a cute and fun notebook to start jotting down her own ideas.When you receive gifts, be sure to save the ribbons and ternatively, you could make your own bows: using old wrapping paper, or regular white paper.Magazine Necklace (18 made of recycled rolled, shellac-dipped magazine strips!USB Cassette Deck (135) Speaking of mix tapes, are you holding onto a pile of these tapes sitting in your attic from the 80s?Universal TV Remote Control Keychain ( 19 imagine sitting in a restaurant trying to have a conversation with someone, but the restaurant TV is annoying the heck out of you.Turn your old sticky notes into 3D sears rewards sign up paper models.ModestNeeds Instantly Change a Life (10) Get a gift certificate at ModestNeeds, and help a family struggling to make ends-meet with heating bills this month.Additionally, the Energy Star Level 4 power adapter is a fan-less design for energy efficiency.Use old posters, magazines, comics, paper shopping bags, Sunday funnies, scrap fabric, calendars or old maps.

For 19, you could get this remote keychain that can turn off any.Not only is this functional, its also creatively designed, making it an attractive display on shelves, tables or nightstands.Each sheet has printed instructions on the back 10 designs in total.This year, instead of recommending USB heated gloves to warm up our hands, why not have keyboards that can warm them directly?Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer (30) A convenient toothbrush container with built-in UV germ-killing capabilities.It will turn off automatically in 20 minutes while you are falling asleep.
Recycled Bangle Picture Frame (28) Unique frames made with pieces of broken glass bangle bracelets, the jingling ornaments worn by women throughout India.