The last two garages, Wood Green and Palmwrs Green gradually removed the discs from their RTs and RMs during the early part of 1972.
I doubt that few passengers ever noticed the difference, but I did!Primrose Valley seemingly were not involved and not all buses were painted blue/yellow-seems was only the last batch which included buses bought from Kinch and their livery was copied.Ive had a medical rebate in income tax quick search and some names have come up like a Streamliner and Daimler Roger Cox 15/09/15 06:43 The Yellow trolleybus with a front exit referred to is a Bournemouth vehicle surely.Sims eventually sold out to Carnell of Sheffield.The Country Bus and Coach department, which was handed over to the National Bus Company, had no obligation to follow the same path.The Steer was coded TEC (there were TEC1, 2, 3 4).Just to put some flesh on the bones as to my original enquiry, this was my first visit to the North East the impetus being to travel on and photograph the Teesside MT (previously tsrtb) trolleybus network before its eventual closure in April 1971.It did not have the very distinctive sound which others had, including NCB, Craven and Roberts bodied buses.
A complete registration block might be reserved for one particular large user, such as the transport departments of Glasgow (FYS, SGD Birmingham (JOJ and Newcastle (JVK reversed) Corporations, and also the GPO, GUS, and others, and blocks could be reserved for a particular type.

Malcolm Storey If you would like to comment on the above please click here 20/11/16 British Period in Burma I am trying to get pictures of British period in Burma, motor vehicle license plates, which is proving very hard.Despite the inauspicious start to the relationship, connections with AEC zappos discount shoe site grew and Daimler became the agent for the sale of surplus B type buses outside the Metropolitan area.I seem to be mis reading something.In respect of Scottish authorities, things dont seem quite so straightforward.Previous to Leary it was listed with Simpson, Killamarsh circa 1999.Footnote: To all those who contacted me on this topic I sincerely thank you and hope the above "current only view" will be of help!Phil Plumb If you would like to comment on the above please click here 04/12/16 13:43 Phil, The old A64 between Leeds and Tadcaster your possibilities are almost endless!
David Wallington 25/02/16 Northern General Guy Arab 1133 I am a complete outsider, but entered the site and found it wonderful.

David Beilby 10/09/15 07:18 Thanks David: I was intrigued by this question and found a history of Cardiff buses by Mike Street online.