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For information about the christmas gifts for an older sister child elements of ManualAirlineTicket, see the ManualAirlineTicket Elements table later on this page.
StartCloseTime string The closing time for the pickup location.
Each booking element contains the following child elements: Element Data Type TripLink Description BookingOwner String Y Specifies the tool that supplied the booking to Concur Travel.See the Hotel Codes table for hotel vendor codes.Max Length: 200 RoomType string The room type for the booking.WagonNumber string The number of the wagon the seat.C for compact, E for economy, F for full size, I for Intermediate, L for Luxury, M for Mini, P for Premium, S for Standard, X for special.EndCityCode string The iata airport code for the ending city of the booking.StartDateUtc dateTime The starting date of travel for this segment, in UTC.FormOfPaymentType String The type of the form of payment.StartGate string Y The departure gate for the booking.EndCity string The ending address of the booking.
The segments are described in the tables below, see Air Booking forever 21 coupons and promo codes Elements, Car Booking Elements, Hotel Booking Elements, Dining Booking Elements, Ride Booking Elements, Parking Booking Elements, and Travel Booking Elements.

For more information, see the AirSeat Elements table later on this page.Rail Booking Elements The Rail Booking parent element is the Rail Element in the Segments Array in Booking Elements.In order to do that we need to be able to determine where the local time.Format: yyyy-MM-DDThh:mm:ss DateModifiedUtc dateTime The date the charge order was last modified, in UTC.StartRailStationName string Y The name of the starting station of the booking.For more information, see the Charges Elements table.
StartDateLocal dateTime Y The booking starting time and date, in the booking locations local time.

PickupInstructions string Instructions regarding the booking.