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As he nears the desk, he begins to what is the gift for 7th year anniversary feel the harming effects of Kryptonite.
So far, this was shown at least four times - two of which she underwent herself.Ollie refuses to give up, ejects his armor and with the help of Batman's bat-grapple he tries his hardest to get to Watchtower.Contents, practice edit, a model at the 2009 F1 World Supercar Show."Top Fox Primetime Shows, May 1117".Batman is using his billion dollar computer to make a face reconstruction of the corpse based on photos from the crime scene, so they can identify the dead man but the results the computer shows leave everyone speechless, the face of the murdered man.Tess tells Lois and Chloe about the fight on the Moon.Initially a rival for Clark's affection, Lana came to see Chloe as her closest friend.
FBI and military forces land in the Starkwood base and meet Tony Almeida but Starkwood forces outnumber them and force them to retreat.
Chloe and Bruce meditate in the Batcave.

Later was the first to mention " Jimmy " (who later would be revealed his last name to "Olsen and was the first to introduce Batman and Wonder Woman with a clear reference about them.Moreover he says that because of the "Crisis" he has decided to join the team, at least temporarily, so they can face the threat together.She was more focused on getting the results she wanted than pleasing others.After a round of talks with broadcasters, the Professional Darts Corporation announced on that it would discontinue the use of walk-on girls in darts tournaments.In spite of the continuous warnings her chose used the Brainiac's powers and thats almost cause the destruccion of the world when Brainiac controled her body.Chloe's computer skills qualify her as a member of the Justice League, as their information broker, Watchtower.Chloe and Lois visit the Batcave.Members of the Taylor family are still mourning the loss of Roger Taylor.
Chloe will only appear in seven episodes of Season 10, including the premiere Lazarus, she however appeared in flashbacks during Supergirl, Homecoming and Icarus, technically boosting the number of episodes Allison Mack is seen onscreen in to ten this season.

"24 - Official Fox Press Release for the 7th Season on DVD Blu-ray".
At Watchtower, where Chloe gets a disturbing phone call from Emil.T.A.R.