Once the gift is accepted, express gratitude.
As a foreigner, the best thing you can offer as a gift is something from your hometown or country.The receiver should also grab the gift with both hands.Post-gift giving, it is customary to send an e-mail or better, a thank you card, to show your gratitude for the gift.For some more reading, check out this great NY Times paper tree gifts article entitled.Consequently, your gift may be declined.In business settings where more than one person will receive a gift, the most senior person should receive the most expensive gift.
Never write a Chinese persons name in red ink as this is considered bad luck.

More important than the actual gift itself is the meaning behind the gift.Nowadays, people often just bring gifts for birthdays.More money is given to older children and teenagers.Valuable gifts should be given to an individual only in private and strictly as a gesture of friendship.While there are times when an expensive gift is necessary, over the top and lavish gifts may not be well received for several reasons.When invited into someones home, its also common to bring along a gift.Most recipients will first politely decline the gift.Wearing a green hat ( dài l mào zi) means that your girlfriend or wife is unfaithful.At business meetings, it is bad taste to offer only one person a gift in front of everyone else.The principles of Confucianism are largely about keeping the peace and harmony not only in a family, but in society at large.Tea, fruit, nuts, and other local specialties from different regions are also quite commonplace.
How Should I Present the Gift?
Its not culturally acceptable to immediately open the gift in fact, some people might even refuse a gift a few times before finally accepting.