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But you really need to be discussing this with a lawyer.
Or, buy him a new truck.He was 15 buy wholesale gifts from gift shop suppliers yrs old when i said, enough is enough!Or my son have to pay any tax?When I tell stories about him, many of my friends squint in disbelief, with a look that says, Come on, dude!The oldest of 15 siblings, he wanted his younger brothers to bury him: Joe to perform his service, Sid and Chester to build his coffin.I was a broken man.When I was a baby, he went to the main Philadelphia Library and placed 100 childrens books upon one of those old wood tables.Sadly enough, when the father gets to the point that he cannot make rational decisions for himself anymore, then in theory the son can become his father's father, making wiser choices for his dad.My reply was, " SON, I never said YOU were BAD antill think YOU'RE MY beautiful SON.My fathers parting gift to me was the blessing of knowing the importance of love: love of family, love of my people, love for the struggle, love for the blessing of passion, love for words, love for education, love for being kind, love for giving.This special gift can be anything that you think he will appreciate and we have some great suggestions about when the ideal time will be to give your son his present.The last thing i told him was, " I love you and this is why you are here.
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He has been living in that school since the ages 15 through.I as a mother will always wonder if i did the right thing and started to beat myself up mentally BUT, on 1 recent call with him, he said the following, " MOM, I used TO BE angry wheas AT THE school BUM NOT angry.When he gets to the Church.We had been saying it all through my entire life.In general though, one does not return a gift.The judge will take them under advisement and decide based on what he/she feels is in your best interests.Depends where you are, many countries have laws in place to stopsomeone in debt from gifting assets that could otherwise beliquidised to pay the debt, even before a lien is formally put inplace.
Huffing is when inhalants are a broad range of drugs in the forms of gases, aerosols, or solvents that are breathed in and absorbed through the lungs.
Getting married is a big step and it will be reassuring for him to know his parents support him and are there for him throughout it all.