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Current Password, please enter your current password, new Password.H2, no, text 1, réductions.Back to Top Fulfill/Cancel Orders Sales are handled through the integrated shopping cart of each Marketplace.In case, you receive other errors you can utilize one of these two methods.You must provide a valid EAN or UPC.Please note, that an EAN or a UPC is required in certain categories.No enhancements are permitted (e.g.Please ensure you check variation support on the data model.Begin by navigating to Marketplaces Cdiscount Settings.Images Max size 3000x3000 pixels.It heb meal deal coupons will be crucial that you consistently manage your Cdiscount account integration in ChannelAdvisor to monitor these issues.Back to Top Manage Your Listings Once you have activated your Cdiscount integration, you should begin seeing activity in the Product Status screen within 15 days (remember that Cdiscount accepts feeds only once per 15 days).Prerequisites Before beginning the launch process, you will need to complete the following steps: Create your Cdiscount seller account To start selling register here for a seller account.You will select a label that will be associated with the inventory you want to send to Cdiscount, define quantity settings and enter account information.Please note: We do send product data daily.

The option that works best for you will depend on how you have prepared your inventory for each site's data requirements.Title This is the title that is displayed on the product listing.You can download a copy of the Cdiscount category overview here to review in which categories product identifiers are mandatory.Launch Assistance Service, a paid for service offered by the ChannelAdvisor Launch Team that allows for you to have a Launch Manager and a limited number of phone-based training and assistance calls to help you get setup on Cdiscount quicker and easier.Update Shipping and Tracking After fulfillment is complete, your next step is to update the ChannelAdvisor Complete software with shipping and tracking information.Obtain account login credentials You'll need your Cdiscount API login details (which will be emailed to you by a Cdiscount representative) when completing the Cdiscount settings in ChannelAdvisor.
Images need to be 1200 x 1200 pixel Your images have to have a minimum size of 1200 x 1200 pixel.