(MF, couples, bi, swing, exh, rom) A Mother's Love - by Yeswayted - A stepfather watches as his new wife attends to a sexual problem her son is having.
He was here early.
Well, I told Bob (one of my coworkers who knows the real me) on Friday, and he suggested a way to make it happen." (M/F, exh, wife) Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - Part 18 - "My friend Mary has a house.
She refuses until one night husband gets her drunk.She also negotiates things for herself.Beware the liberal use of the "N" word.(M/F, wife, bi, intr, voy, orgy) Part 2 bud light sweepstakes 2016 Cindy And Her Impotent Husband - by Stephanie uk customs gift allowance Keating - They were in each other's arms, the driving, pulsing passion of my 24 year old wife and her 17 year old nephew.(M/F, wife, nc, intr, drugs, creampie) Drunk At The Beach - by Tim - Hubby enjoys watching others "playing" with his wife when she is drunk.(MF, rom, affair) At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy - by Jane Smith - A wife has to be 'nice' to her brother in-law whether or not she wants to, in order for her husband to keep the job his brother gave him.(MF, cheat, reluc, v, sn) Double Your Pleasure - by Anon - Ann and I have been married budget discount coupons for over four years.(MMF, wife, voy, reluc, cuck) Cousins Return - by MercySlayer - Brett's cousins open an entirely new life-style for his conservative wife, Heather.Short skirt, silky blouse, no bra, g-string knickers and the new spiked heels I had just got from the sex shop.I counted eight boys as they walked past to get to the locker room.(MMF, exh, wife, reluc) Bonnie's Second Bet - by Tberrr1 - My wife Bonnie never learns, you'd think after what I put her through the first time she lost a bet to me that she'd think twice about doing it again.Her unknowing husband, however, insists she continue attending his philosophy meetings, with predictable consequences.The magazine she was reading almost fell out of her hands.
Husband realizes what a slut he married and leaves her with them for two weeks while he heads for National Guard summer camp.

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Ledft - Husband and wife have gotten into playing around with bondage, only the wife is becoming a little tired of being the one on the receiving end all the time.
(mmmf, wife-cheat, intr, gb, true?) Black Daddy - by Molly - A wife does her duty and assures her husband's promotion by giving his black boss what he wants.