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He did this because he rightly saw that Turing's gifts were being wasted on the admin side of running things: he needed thinking space.
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He was given a posthumous royal pardon in 2013.
He was recruited in 1942 at the tender age of 18 because he also knew German (a language he had taught himself in a year).Hugh Alexander; Matthew Goode as Hugh Alexander in The Imitation Game.This was just as well because he broke one vital code in his sleep, with the solution coming to him in a dream.He died at the age of 64 in 1974 and there has been speculation that the stresses caused by the mental demands of his career led to his early death.The Bletchley story is told in new film The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Turing.
At Eton he was sporty but never academic, and he didn't go to university afterwards but joined the Life Guards instead.
Many years after the war, this was revealed to be a Lorenz SZ40 encoder, but, at the time, staff at Bletchley Park called it "Tunny".

After a period of clerical work with "the girls her mathematical gifts led to her becoming the only woman among a team of nine Banburists.At the start of the war he became "C the head of MI6.Everyone has heard of Turing now, and rightly so, but, as this film reminds us, he was part of an extraordinary team, some brilliant, others unprofessional, one treacherous.Benedict Cumberbatch (in what is being tipped as an Oscar-winning performance Turing is revealed as an insensitive narcissist who found how to win free diapers for a year eye contact difficult, but who was very much the right man at the right time.Such was the scale of this complexity, the Germans thought it completely safe.Given the tight security at Bletchley, there is speculation that Menzies arranged things so that Cairncross was fed with documents that he wanted the Soviets to see.
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