The spoken form of Urdu is the same as that of Hindi but it is written in a different script than Hindi.
It is estimated that approximately 95 percent of the population are Muslim, but members of several minority religions live there, including some Hindus, Christians, Parsis, Sikhs, and Buddhists.
As part of India's independence from Great Britain in 1947, a partition took part of their land and created Pakistan as a separate Islamic nation.
In many Western countries, parties for teens and adults are associated with drinking alcohol such as beer, wine, or distilled spirits.The crescent stands for progress, and the star stands for light, guidance, and knowledge.Welcome party A welcome party is held for the purpose of welcoming a newcomer, such as a new club member, a new employee, or a family's new baby.Music and dance are done in the both classical and folk form.Pakistan for longevity, which they claim is because of diet and way of life.Food current las vegas odds to win world series Customs at Ceremonial Occasions.The corporation holds film festivals regularly.
It is also a time when children participate in fireworks.
In addition to being known for a number of mountains, including K-2, which is the second-highest mountain in world, Pakistan also has several lakes and rivers, including the Indus River, which is 1,800 miles (2,896 kilometers) long.

In addition, the land is home to the famous Khyber Pass, which is the route that many invaders into India used.Locale makes an important difference in the quality of life; a low-income person in an urban area has more problems than one living in a tribal, mountainous area.The Festival of Lights is held in Lahore at the Shalimar Gardens, which are filled with multicolored lights and where folk music and dances are performed.This alternative scheduling allows guests more time to see the exhibition in depth at their own pace, before meeting the featured guests.Receptions are also held to celebrate exhibition openings at art galleries or museums.The halwa and nan dishes are specially decorated with silver or gold leaves and also are sent to relatives and neighbors.A spin-off of dance parties, the rave involves dancing to loud house music, techno music, or industrial music.The people of Hunza Valley are Muslims and also are believed to be descendants of soldiers of Alexander the Great.Using yogurt to marinate meats is another typical recipe.Other religions in Pakistan also have special festivals/rituals and holidays, with Christmas and Easter being the special ones of the 750,000 Pakistani Christians.Christmas caroling party In English and American culture during the Christmas season, it is traditional to have a Christmas caroling party.
Social Stratification Classes and Castes.
While the history of Pakistan as an independent nation dates only to 1947, the history of the territory it encompasses dates back many thousands of years, during the period when the territory was a portion of the Indian subcontinent.