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I have no idea where this comes from, but the German account only has an email address, and that's not even my current @m one but my old from Gmail.Am I mavis discount tire fords nj eligible to join Bing Rewards if I am not.S.My new search engine is DuckDuckGo from now on then.Zipppy, tue, 22:01 #6, bmxtwins, wed, 02:00 #7, cheerioDM, wed, 02:47 #8, jJ72.Bing has a special offer for users called Rewards.They may offer to have you redeem your reward points on the account. .Thanks for your feedback.Thanks, I contacted support and now I'll wait what they say.Live for Speed Forums off Topic, bing Rewards- do searches to earn microsoft pts, gift cards, and more (13 posts, started Tue, 16:23) #1, bmxtwins, bing Rewards- do searches to earn microsoft pts, gift cards, and more.As a friend posted, IP address is taken.

You should be able to edit any of the information added to your profile just by clicking an "edit profile" button or clicking "profile".Hello, I'm new to these forums, so let me introduce myself.For those that don't know, m is Microsoft's decision engine.M/rewards/signup/segetstarted, if you are a Bing Rewards user, please let me know cosmopolitan discount shoes what you think of the service, good or bad.Yes, I can edit them, but I can only save my changes if I provide my address information, which is currently not in either of the two profiles.The things is, I don't like being bullied into filling those fields.
As things go now I doubt that will ever happen, though.
edit I used the support chat, and guess what - just like the Skype support before them - they can't do anything.

By the way, the US profile is there because I use things like Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and m in US English.
Microsoft has no role.
Nothing more than that.