It is juicy and creamy, yet monopoly themed gifts crisp and not fatty, just a beautifully balanced white wine (32).
Coveted Rye: WhistlePig was at the forefront of the current explosion of interest in high-end rye whiskies, and continues to be at the very top of the heap of critically acclaimed ryes.Or all the supplies for making wines from your own grapes or fruit.The world's most popular champagne house just released its newest vintage rose, the 2008, after seven years of ageing - more than twice France's legal requirement.I have covered here at m before.Japan also has a long tradition of sherry casks, which have been a Suntory staple since 1924.The Vermont barrels receive a long toast and heavy char to draw out rich sweetness complementing the spice of aged rye.Made from 100 rye and hand bottled at 92 proof, the 15 Year is the the oldest in the brands stellar lineup - and by far the priciest at 200.To avoid using ice and diluting the spirit, it sits on a metal base that you put in the freezer and can then chill the spirit for at least 30 minutes.
It is deep in color and according to Moet it is succulent and full, just the thing dad could enjoy with dinner on his special day - or hold for many years to come.
The latest step down that path it is its newest release, 15 Year old Vermont Estate Oak Rye, which hits shelves this month (May in plenty of times for Fathers Day.

In between are The Historical Vintages and Exotic Vintages, a dozen different year-specific rums from individual plantations in Nicaragua, Guyana, Trinidad, Granada, Panama, Jamaica, Guatemala and Barbados (18-65).This year its 20th Anniversary XO also won the competitions highest accolade, Best In Class.Big Time Bubbly: If dad is tough yet tender, this is the bubbly for him.Mo√ęt Chandon is the worlds leading champagne producer - it is said that a bottle of its champagne is opened somewhere in the world every second.Plantation Rums award-winning lineup is all double-aged: first in the Caribbean like other fine rums, than at its parent company's home in France's Cognac region.Both got 91 from Wine Enthusiast, a very high rating for the price, and the newest hasnt been reviewed yet.Wintersmiths, whose easy to use kits let you make ultra-clear ice in large spheres or 2-inch across king cubes, in a home freezer.For Fathers Day they put together this assortment of six popular brews in a sleek James Bond-inspired locking aluminum briefcase with cool heavy duty bottle opener (75 but they have lots of other gift combos and you can curate your own beer mix.
What makes Plantation Rums unique is a signature double ageing process: after being aged for many years in the Caribbeans hot and humid climate (generally in bourbon casks mature rums are shipped to Frances Cognac region for additional time in small oak casks in order.

Clear ice is much better: it looks better, tastes better and is denser, so it melts more slowly and dilutes less.
But home drinkers have been relegated to plastic and silicon molds which can make cool shapes like spheres, oversized cubes and even skulls, but still make the same crappy opaque ice as a tray.