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Oops we did it again folks.
The catchy domain name had us dream machine giveaway there for a min then we worked it out - no polka dot com - get it?First there were a thousand.07.12.08 Katy Ellen French Remembered.The Eighties just called, they want MC Hammer's trousers back.At least we had beautiful Big Brother babe Noirin Kelly on hand to keep our snapper busy.Tubs waved his chequered flag about to set the supercars supermodels off around Ireland.There was a bit of a Christmas hangover in most Dublin City Centre nightclubs last weekend with many revellers taking a much needed break after a big New Year's Eve.08.11.10 Liz Rhydian Are Back Baby.But then again it's not every day they can put on a 'Style' Awards bash in Dublin and still manage to keep a straight face.
27.04.09 Slaine Nora: Irish Gals In That London.

Former Celebrity Big Brother extraordinaire Chantelle Houghton brought her recently implanted 32FF boobs to Dublin last week to launch ThinkTank nightclub and even had a wee spin on the decks.So it was no wonder they let their hair down at the Residence after party along with a few familiar Irish faces.20.06.12 Lou Shows Off Her Gypsy Pose.Those Straywave cats brought the warring Housewives out to be styled by the Celeb Salonites at Hairspray yesterday.The breakout club that completely changed the status quo of the Dublin VIP social scene celebrated its 3rd birthday last weekend with a bunch of hot Pilates enthusiasts on-hand to help blow out the candles.And all of that on top of the Rubber Bandits providing the tunes.05.05.09 Dricco In Stitches at Krystle.21.10.10 Joanna Annemaire Fashion Foray.With a cheeky grin on his face actor singer Jack Black set out on his mission to bring his 'Tenacious D' sounds to the hoards of concert goers at Marley Park yesterday.Thus, we were at the jdiff programme launch at The nyx promo codes 2016 Lighthouse Cinema last week.27.01.14 The Glenda Gotta New Motor.
Sad news friends, Ireland's ShowBizziest Taoiseach ever is gonna step down.
He's only going around wearing a feckin' wedding ring these days.

Coppers just got some up-market competition folks.
If there ever was an Irish woman well capable of handling a bunch of naked torso'd hunky males, it's Amanda Brunker.