animorphs the andalite's gift

After Ax's rescue in The Message, in the following three books (narrated by Marco, Jake and Rachel all three admit that they consider Ax as one of them.
Tiger teeth were growing, bulging down beneath his upper lip.I hit him full force with my head down like a charging bull.A barn full of animals in cages."Is this really the time to be worrying about your looks?" Marco asked.And then she was outta there, screaming and yammering like a total ninny.I could hear his thought-speak.This week, Coleman and yours truly, Mitchell, are talking Megamorphs.I rose and rose and circled high above the ocean.I knew that the sky was blue, and the moon was white, and the ocean was deep, and that winter was colder than summer.It's something you see in the way he presses his lips patriot discount oil ct together a little too hard.I guess I think if you just don't talk about the fear, it will go away.The dust beast hesitated, then stopped.For Rachel, it is an art form.I barreled toward the closest computer console.It dropped swiftly down, enveloping a ditch.
Marco jumps out of the Blade ship in gorilla morph and mentions that he is two miles above the ground.
It was a nightmare!

"I'm done!" I said, getting a mouthful of salt water.Visser Three glared.For." "There's only one of me the woman said, not intimidated at all by Chapman's tone.We didn't want someone deciding aroogas gift card we needed to be rescued.Some parts of your body change in shape when they are still far too large in size.Um." I had an idea.I mean, there are entire organs inside your body that are changing.I have never felt more worthless.
"So far - glublub - pah!