But I do know that I can get this price by hitting the Send button and getting American Express to identify the dealership.
Id seen this advertised under the list of benefits.
In other words, you would earn a little more cash back than the amount of interest paid.I got to 29K in required spend on eight other cards and assumed youd split the final 1,330 spend over those two bonus-after-first-purchase cards.But we recently added to the family and realized we were going to need more space.Richard had bought a new car and paid in full on his Amex Platinum card.making that pile of miles worth a reasonable value of more than 8,000 (though you could certainly get more value).Site, about, jobs at TPG, team, contact.When we purchased in January, the rate was.24 but even.49, thats a very low rate (especially if youre buying used or refinancing).However the advantages outweigh any downsides I could imagine.Theres the potential for triggering Amex Financial Review or Chase Financial Review based on sudden large gift card purchases.It was worth the effort to go to Baltimore and negotiate with what is the link between motivation performance and rewards the dealer I suspected was the dealer in the Amex program.And if I've picked the right dealership, I've just saved you the percentage you'll have to pay American Express for sending my business your way.".They would have lost several hundred on the sale if I'd actually asked Amex to identify the dealership I could have negotiated with, in turn forcing the dealership to pay Amex a "finder's fee.".I didnt spend too much time considering realistic logistics; for example, there might have been more than 5 Chase cards that are subject to 5/24 in that list.This method is highly variable depending on location: many places that sell gift cards may not accept a credit card as payment; some places that sell money orders will not accept debit cards as payment; some card issuers may not award signup bonuses, regular spending.I suggest using a throwaway email account, because the emails dont stop no matter how many times you dont respond and how many months.I recently found myself in the market for a car, and that prompted me to figure out how to maximize my mileage.

On the flip side, perhaps youre looking for a car that only costs 10K or 15K or 20K you may not need to refer so many people to get the fee-free dollars you need.If we dial back to the advantages of the manufactured spending technique, one of them is the ability to earn multiple signup bonuses.The key point for me is that financing the car and paying it slowly gives me a lot of advantages over manufactured spending: Its less risky I can still earn a number of signup bonuses both credit card and bank account My money is not.As I mentioned before, because of compound interest, its not quite as simple as paying with a 3 card and coming out ahead.Of course, if you have the money saved up to purchase your vehicle, you could take your time and do this over the course of months or longer.Earn 2x if youre within your first 50K in purchases.
However, I decided that I didnt want to do that.