In most cases you'll need to withdraw money into a separate child's account - either a Child Trust Fund, Junior ISA or a child's bank or building society.
KidStart features 1,500 retailers, but we found the top cashback sites often beat it (compare its rates with the sites' featured in our.
They get paid for wachusett mountain discount season passes sending traffic and give some of this cash to you (see our full.
If you're a regular shopper it can quickly rack up, as MSE Steve's found: "Over the past six years, we've earned a huge 275 cashback for our kids, mainly at John Lewis and Amazon.You must be legitimately saving for a child though.Top Cashback Sites guide for more). .Top Cashback Sites guide).Before you take the money out you must add a child, enter their name and date of birth, then link that profile to a Child Trust Fund, junior ISA or bank account (though this doesn't have to be the child's it can be your own.

However, there is one way to bag 2 cashback to pass on to your kids (or someone else's).The child can be yours, a grandchild or a friend's.If none of these accounts can accept top-ups from your KidStart savings, you can simply use your own current account.We started the account before our first child was even born.").It's also possible to give to charities when you shop on Amazon instead see.But you don't need to be a parent.Log in and click KidStart's link to visit Amazon. .You don't need to add a child's details to start earning cashback you can add them later.
That said, it offers.5 cashback at John Lewis, 2 on Next and 5 on Asos, but only for new customers (existing customers can still bag 2 which we were unable to find elsewhere so it's always worth checking.

KidStart gives you money back on purchases from Amazon and 1,500 other shops the catch is you need to use it towards a child's savings.
KidStart says it has ways of checking and if it suspects you're not, it could wipe the savings in your account.