4 seasons rewards

You are better off saving Satisfaction for the Trait type of Reward.
Loved by : Bro, Glutton, and Foodie Sims Ignored by : Toddlers, and Children Egg Hunt - Colorfully painted eggs are hidden throughout your yard.
This isn't that useful in itself, but the success rate of Kisses is also much higher.
Instant Fun 100, fills the Fun Need to Maximum - this can be helpful after a capital one ventureone card vs bank of america travel rewards day of working hard to get the Sim productive again, which is helpful both in working toward Promotions and general Sim life.During this time of the year, leaves will begin to accumulate on the ground, and this enables a new interaction for Sims as young as children.Gym Rat 500 Gym Rats do not experience the Hygiene decay other Sims get when exercising, while also enabling their Fun meter to build.Sims who attempt to interact with the decoration boxed will be zapped and require a shower.This results in them not completing the tradition.Beguiling might be more useful as a Romantic Reward Trait, but both is even better.(Teens and Adults) Become a Better Student - Increase this Sim's grade within a week to complete this resolution.When gifting a floral arrangement scented with the Death Flower, the receiving Sim will immediately age.Then wait for midnight.Each world also has their own forecast chances.Overall there is nothing overly exciting about the Botanist career, but the ability to work from home, good salary and easy promotions, make this a great career choice for your sim.It is just fun game play.With a little work and some patience, it can prove to be a very lucrative investment.

Combine this with Inspired, and your Sim will have a much higher than usual chance, which will raise income substantially - for a Painter, perhaps not as much as Marketable, given its eric maskin nobel prize consistent boost.Death by Freezing If you have temperature effects enabled in the game, Sims who spend too much time outside in the cold without proper attire will eventually freeze to death.Purchase a lottery ticket via the computer/phone.It won't take as long as if your Sim was completely filthy.Professional Slacker 4,000 As the game description says, Professional Slackers never get demoted or fired from their Job.Gyroscope Durability Makes the machine more resistant to breakage.This provides steady gains, as opposed to using the interactions on other Sims.