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Funny poem, if the birthday boy (or girl) is an artistic type, heres a good 30th birthday gag gift idea.Plus - he'll probably wear it!There are many poems that you can attach with this gag gift.He'll sit and listen to every detail.And I'll make you a bet.And when you are through, just set him down somewhere.When looking for a gag gift, try and find something that relates to their hobby or career.Check this out - you'll get a kick out of it and so will.I gave my son, Jorma, the sleeve tattoo and he got a big kick out of it!What's good about this present is that although it's a gag gift - it still shows that you put some thought and planning into.Many of these cards can be personalized.Share your prank, or ask a question.This is perfect for the conservative birthday boy, the young executive, or banker.Dentures are one of the things that make growing old scary; when you have to start wearing dentures, just chewing and eating can be such a chore.Fake tattoos make a great gift.The book contains numerous wonderful recipes that anyone will enjoy, varying from easier to more advanced levels of chewing.
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We just love it for the hilarious title.You wouldn't have even seen these a few gifts for 18 year old son years ago.Then print it out nicely and frame it as a gift.Take the toilet paper roll and sharpie.Read More, spider on toilet paper, this prank was funny and I played it on my mom.Want more details of a prank, submit story/idea/question here!Since there are quite a few to choose from, you'll probably find one that will make them laugh!Not only does this essentially guarantee that.Tell your friends too!Include a card saying that you got her the perfect guy named Ted.Get one for a guy and he'll put it on as soon as he opens the box!
Write a funny birthday poem for his birthday!