300 win mag 190 grain ballistics

That's my only experience with the.300 WM as I stick to the.308/06/x57mm Mauser Classes of cartridges.
The way to look at a magnum cartridge is that it can push a heavier hairfinity promo code 2017 bullet to the same velocity as a standard cartridge pushes a lighter bullet.
I know that the 7mm Remington Magnum doesn't fit with my view on magnum rifles, but since I've owned it, I've really taken a liking to its accuracy.
But I think another point I should have brought up before makes the exact numbers moot.I agree with Jodum in regards to the 7mm RemMag and the.338 WinMag.I don't own a 30-06 so I have no results for it, but again, there may be a more suitable powder for it other than 4350.# 7, 11:06 AM Beartooth Regular Join Date: Aug 2013 Location: Pennsylvania Posts: 246 Another issue that may be a factor in the load data, is that the bullet used is not commonly used for hunting and accuracy may have been a bigger concern than.Harold Vaughn found it happening.270 Winchester at over 3100 fps, which he proved with a magnetometer setup.To" Mr Wallace.greyhound sized roe deer.So M852 is rated at 2550 fps by the military at that longer measuring distance.JHP 500 rnd/case - brass 179.

quot;: Originally Posted by Model 52 It's hard to make apples to apples comparisons with the.300 Win Mag as nobody makes a match load for it in a 168gr SMK although you welcome to the neighborhood gift basket ideas could get around fps out of it if you did.At 80F the speed of sound was about 1139 fps that day.I'm getting a consistent 3,583fps avg.It appears to have a really large hump in its drag coefficient right near the speed of sound.My preferred big game rifle will one day be.3x62 rifle.As you can see, for any given expansion ratio, increasing the charge (as in the.300 Win Mag) increases the Bore Capacity Index.quot;: Originally Posted by Model 52 With a load like Federal's 168 gr match at 2650 fps you can keep it supersonic to 1000 yards, but it will still be down around 1400 fps at about 800 yards, so at best it only adds about.

This often makes a magnum suitable for hunting heavier game, but is often just more noise and recoil with no quantifiable increase in how well it kills most game animals.